Monday, 11 April 2011

Remembering Rhythm Records

01 Alice Jean & Mondellos - 100 Years From Today
02 Alice Jean & Mondellos - Come Back Home
03 Lyrics - Everynight
04 Ollie 'Yul' McClay & Mondellos - Over The Rainbow
05 Ollie 'Yul' McClay & Mondellos - Never Leave Me Alone
06 Alice Jean & Mondellos - Daylight Saving Time
07 Alice Jean & Mondellos - That's What I Call Love
08 Little Willie Littlefield - Ruby Ruby
09 Alice Jean & Mondellos - Happiness Street
10 Alice Jean & Mondellos - Hard To Please
11 Bob Jefferies - Never Let Me Go
12 Tempos - Promise Me
13 Tempos - Never Let Me Go
14 Bob Jefferies & Marcels - Take Me Back
15 Marcels - Betty Lou
16 Paliya DeSantos - 'If I Had A' Wishing Well
17 Spinners - Marvella
18 Spinners - My Love And your Love
19 Rudy Lambert - Sunday Kind Of Love
20 Mondellos - My Heart (rare audition copy)
21 Rudy Lambert & Mondellos - That's What I Call Love
22 Mondellos - You'll Never Know (unissued)
23 Tempos - To Love Again
24 Alice Jean & Mondellos - 100 Years From Today (alt take)
25 Alice Jean & Mondellos - Come Back home (alt take)
26 Lyrics - Everynight (alt take)

Rhythm Records had a history of producing great San Francisco blues in the post war era. In 1957, Don Barksdale, a former NBA basketball star and prominent disc jockey for San Francisco Bay Area radio station KWBR, decided to start a record label. Rather than start from scratch, he bought the Rhythm label from Bob Geddins. This marked the beginning of our Rhythm Records vocal group story.................



  2. Thanks!

    Another great collection.

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  3. Lovely blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of a genre I personally know little about, but have always been drawn to.

    Did you ever consider zipping up the tracks from your 12 Days Of Christmas posts?


  4. Thanks John (and Mick), wonderful to know! Will try and collate those Christmas tracks when I get the chance.

  5. nice blog, check out my blog at for classic & hard to find oldies/doo wops.

  6. Dead link. It's nice to share but if you don't clean after yourself, it's like dumping your garbage out the window in a town without garbage collection service... We're already knee-deep with useless pages on the web. It will soon take so long to sort out the valid from the obsolete that no-one will bother using the web anymore. Well done.

  7. moaning ploker just sift thru the garbage and find yer free gems,you binner,or go record store and buy it,you bleating punk you!

  8. Well said anonymous 29th September. I think the guy above you must be a bit special if he expects us all to be internet bin men, haha. Pathetic lazy and entitled attitude that the internet seems to have fostered.