Sunday, 13 February 2011

Wild And Frantic LP

Wilderness Records, 21667, 1979
Side A
01 Upsetters - I'm In Love Again
02 Billy La Mont - Country Boy
03 Pretty Boy - Switchen' In The Kitchen
04 Mr P.T - Crazy Sadie
05 Otis Redding - Fat Gal
06 Little Cameron - Kansas City Dog
07 Rockin' Bradley - Lookout
08 Don Covey - Believe It Or Not
09 Tony Harris - Chicken, Baby, Chicken
Side B
10 Tommy Louis - Wail Baby Wail
11 Mr P.T - Aunt Suzie
12 Freddy Robinson - Five Feet Of Lovin'
13 Joe Tex - You Little Baby Face Thing
14 Pretty Boy - Rockin' The Mule
15 Lowell Fulson - Rock This Morning
16 Andy Wilson - My Love, My Love
17 The Valiants - Frieda, Frieda
18 Curtis Carrington - I'm Gonna Catch You

Tommy Louis - 'Wail Baby Wail'

The title says it all! Vinyl rip and rudimentary info provided by Woo Dops -

The Upsetters & Little Richard
The Upsetters were Little Richard's backing band and the man himself sings on 'I'm In Love Again.' The band behind Billy La Mont 'Country Boy' is rumoured to have been The Upsetters as well. Don Covey also recorded as Pretty Boy and worked for a time as Cauffeur for his idol, Little Richard, doing double-duty as the hitmaker's opening act. The two songs by Mr. P.T. (and the Party Timers) appeared on a 1961 Federal release. Otis Redding's 'Fat Gal' was released on Confederate Records with the other side being 'Shout Bamalama.' Rockin' Bradley does a Little Richard lyrical mash-up with some brilliant tape overload shouts on 'Lookout.' Opera music gives Tony Harris the creeps, as his crazy chicken song explains! There's a decent bio at allmusic on the life of Tommy Louis aka Kid Thomas; a larger than life character who came to an unfortunate end. 

Tommy Louis
Freddy Robinson had a lengthy career and played guitar with some of the greats, including Ray Charles, Little Walter & Howlin' Wolf; find an obituary here. The famous southern soul artist Joe Tex coined the term 'rap' to describe his style of speaking over the music. Andy Wilson's back up band were called the Cosmos. The Valiants were a terrific R&B act with front man Billy Storm providing vocals on this frantic number; they also released a wild version of 'Good Golly, Miss Molly' which, in my opinion out does Little Richard's version and was released at an earlier date. Couldn't find any info on Curtis Carrington and Little Cameron. Hope you like!



  2. Hey, thanx for this! Another piece replaced-from-stolen, as karma sets things right, little by little. Always liked this comp...THREE tuff-to-find Don Covay trax, all from a short-lived stint on the SUE label in 1959:
    03 Pretty Boy [Don Covay] - Switchen' In The Kitchen [Sue 617-b, 1959]
    08 Don Covay - Believe It Or Not [Sue 709-a, 1959]
    14 Pretty Boy [Don Covay] - Rockin' The Mule [Sue 617-a, 1959]
    The last of the four sides he cut, in an all-in-one session as single 4-side sessions were the norm then, has yet eluded our friendly boot-compilers. Or maybe it just wasn't that good. Eh. All in all, 3 solid entries on an overall great collection of r'n'b. Speaking of this label [and replacing from stolen, etc.], anything else on Wilderness would be appreciated here, esp. the quite-good "Frantic: Real Rock 'n' roll" [LP 2004], and hey, maybe you have [or can point me to] posted Wilderness releases i don't even know about. Um, not a stretch as i only know [and owned, grrr!] these two. Now THAT's what music blogging is all about! Hey, all this AND you post interviews with The Move? For a relative youngster [in blogtime, that is], you're pushin' all the right buttons here, man! Keep up the good work, the quality 320's and the ez-to-use multiupload option.

  3. Apollojams, didn't know of other Wilderness releases, but will keep my eye out, sorry 'bout that but many thanks for the tip!..Unfortunately most of my collection is out of my reach at the moment...but will post a few more vinyls over next few months plus some other stuff..see what happens. Anyways, thanks again for your supportive and informative comments...thats what I'm after!...Your shop looks since '82?!!! Wowzers...will take a better look when I get the time....Cheers!!

  4. shit, stolen? Glad I could help out!

  5. Hey mate, thanks for the links. i just found yours, and i tell you it's a mighty one! That's a cool compilation indeed. One of the first if not the first on the Little Richard and the crown princes subject. Apollojams made me check but sadly found nothing for Wilderness releases. Anyone else something to add on these?

  6. Hi Doo Wops,

    another winner, thanks a lot!

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  7. haha, no worries Mick, glad you're digging the tunes!

  8. the students - my vow to you... need this jam in hq [320/flac esque] can you help? got it in 192 :) thx spankin

  9. Can't help owl, sorry. Great tune though, didn't know it. I've been using variable bitrates...should I be using 320s? idea myself, can't tell the difference.