Monday, 7 February 2011

Vocal Groups Coast to Coast

01 The Mello Moods - Call On Me
02 The Mello Moods - I Tried & Tried & Tried
03 The Mello Moods - I'm Lost
04 The Mello Moods - When I Woke Up This Morning
05 The Mello Moods - The Christmas Song
06 The Cabineers - Each Time
07 The Cabineers - My My My
08 The Cabineers - Lost
09 The Cabineers - Baby, Where's You Go (To)
10 The Cabineers - What's The Matter With You
11 The Cabineers - Baby Mine
12 Henry Pierce & His Five Notes - Thrill Me Baby
13 Henry Pierce & His Five Notes - Hey Fine Mama
14 The Metronomes - That's Bad
15 The Dukes - Come On & Rock
16 The Dukes - I Was A Fool
17 The Dukes - Oh Kay
18 The Dukes - Ooh Bop She bop
19 The Chimes - Zindy Lou
20 Jesse Belvin - Gone
21 Jesse Belvin - One Little Blessing
22 Byron 'Slick' Gipson & The Sliders - Honey Dew
23 Vernon Green & The Phantoms - How Do You Kiss An Angel
24 Eugene Church - Why Oh Why
25 The Titans - Can It Be
26 The Monitors - Red Sails In The Sunset

An excellent CD showcasing some classy early to mid 50s vocal groups.
Cool and sometimes crazy doo-wop sounds swept the nation during the Fifties - from the East Coast to the West Coast and on down the Gulf Coast. Although Prestige specialised in modern jazz, the New York based company delved into doo-wop early in the decade. This collection begins with the teenage Mello Moods and the more mature Cabineers, both of whose Prestige recordings rank among the rarest of vocal group platters. The action then shifts to Hollywood, mixing tracks (some previously unissued) by southern California harmonizers the Metronomes, the Dukes, the Chimes, Jesse Belvin, Vernon Green & the Phantoms, Eugene Church, and the Titans, with equally rare selections from two New Orleans groups - Henry Pierce & his Five Notes and the Monitors - all from the vaults of Speciality Records - from CD back cover.
Here is one of the few up tempo tracks on the CD by Byron "Slick" Gipson & the Sliders released on Speciality. Can't find any info on Mr Gipson or the Sliders but just listen to that voice. Ouch!



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