Saturday, 15 January 2011

Rhythm & Blues Detroit Style

01 Teardrops - Sweet Lovin Daddy-O (’52 Sampson)
02 Teardrops - Come Back To Me (flip)
03 Five Scalders - There Will Come A Time (’55 Sugar Hill)
04 Five Scalders - If Only You Were Mine (flip)
05 Five Scalders - Girl Friend (’56 Drummond)
06 Five Scalders - Willow Blues (flip)
07 Thrillers - I'm Going To Live My Life Alone ('53 Thriller)
08 Twilighters - Water Water (’57 J-V-B)
09 Twilighters - How Many Times (flip)
10 Serenaders - Tomorrow Night (’52 J-V-B)
11 Serenaders - Why Don't You Do Right (flip)
12 Gales - Darling Patricia (’55 J-V-B)
13 Gales - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (’56 J-V-B)
14 Gales - My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble (flip)
15 Voilinairs - Joy In The Beulah Land (’54 Drummond)
16 Voilinairs - Another Soldier Gone (flip)
17 Imperials - You'll Never Walk Alone (’53 Gem)
18 Imperials - Ain't Gonna Tell It Right (flip) 
19 Fresandos - Your Last Goodbye (’57 Star-X)
20 Fresandos - I Mean Really (flip)
21 Five Emeralds - I'll Beg (’54 SRC)
22 Five Emeralds - Let Me Take You Out Tonight (flip)
23 Five Emeralds - Darling (’55 SRC)
24 Five Emeralds - Pleasure Me (flip)
25 Dee Jays - Love Me Baby (’54 SRC)
26 Dee Jays - Baby Please Don't Leave Me Here To Cry (flip)

What we have here is a collection of super rare R&B and gospel infused Detroit vocal groups. Most, if not all of these songs are ripped straight off the original vinyl or shellac. To add to the almost non-existent CD notes, I've come up with an easily digestible list of random 'facts' on those groups I could find info on; mostly using Marv Goldbergs site.
  1. The Teardrops released one record. The risqué lyrics on 'Sweet Lovin' Daddy' prevented any air-play - "The way I do my loving / They always come back for more".
  2. The Five Scalders were so called because - "we were hot". One of the members, Mack Rice (baritone), went on to join The Falcons of 'You're So Fine' fame.
  3. The Thrillers had an unusual R&B record that expounded on the evils of drink.
  4. The Twilighters - No idea!
  5. The Serenaders later changed their name to The Royals, and then again to The Royal Jokers.
  6. The Gales - Blank
  7. The Voilinairs - You can hear the gospel influence in many of these songs (listen above).
  8. The Imperials - "We loved to sing. Not for money, fortune, or fame, but for the joy of singing, competing, and being together in harmony with one another as friends" - Milton Harris (lead tenor)
  9. The Fresandos were a group Otis Williams (The Temptations) admired as a youth
  10. The Five Emeralds - Sorry!
  11. The Dee Jays -  See scanned insert for an unfortunate yet amusing anecdote.
    Hey bobba ree bop,
    This is the Teardrops, you know!
    My name is "Carlos the King",
    All the women love to hear me sing.
    My name is "Little Pepperdini",
    When I sing, all the women start screaming.
    My name is "Ala Fons",
    And I'm the cutest one.
    My name is "Pepe Le Moko",
    When I sing, all the women go loco.
    Hey bobba ree bop,
    This is the Teardrops, you know!

    This was the way the Teardrops would introduce themselves at the beginning of their act!

    The Teardrops
    'Come Back To Me' was given a slating review in Billboard magazine. The reviewer called it "a weak blues ballad." I must be a sucker for them weak blues ballads! See what you think....

    The Teardrops - 'Come Back To Me' 



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    4. Excellent post.I've got a few jvb 78's and even the fresandos on star x 78 rpm,but was never lucky enough to find the Sampson cut.Thanks 4 sharing!!!!

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