Sunday, 9 January 2011

Music City - Vol 2

01 The Four Deuces - WPLJ
02 Wanda Burt & The Crescendos - Your True Love Is Standing By
03 The Gaylarks - Tell Me Darling
04 The Midnights - She Left Me
05 The Rovers - Why Oh
06 The Kliks - It's All Over
07 The Gaylarks - Church on The Hill
08 The Five Crystels - Heaven's Own Choir
09 The Rovers - Whole Lot Of Love
10 The Crescendos - Take My Heart
11 The Five Lyrics - I'm Travelling Light
12 The Gaylarks - Lil' Dream Girl
13 The Five Campbells - Hey Baby
14 The Midnights - Hear My Plea
15 The Gaylarks - Teenage Mambo
16 The Five Swans - Lil' Girl Of My Dreams
17 The Honeydrops - You're The One For Me
18 The Five Rovers - Change Your Mind
19 The Gaylarks - Somewhere In The World
20 The Crescendos - Teenage Prayer
21 The Gaylarks - Ivy League Clothes
22 The Kliks - This Is The End Of Love
23 The Four Deuces - Down It Went

I first heard the song WPLJ on the Frank Zappa album Burnt Weeny Sandwich. I had no idea the original was written by Luther McDaniels of The Four Deuces. WPLJ stands for white port & lemon juice - a popular alcoholic concoction favoured by Luther and group.

Around June 1955, the 4 Deuces drove up to see Dobard and auditioned for him. The very next day, he called them back for a recording session. Back they went and in only 44 takes laid down "W-P-L-J." "None of us had any musical knowledge," says Luther. "We were greenhorns. We did 44 takes, but we were having fun." This was the only song they recorded that day. - more info here
Johnny Heartsman was the in-label band leader at Music City. He was a young gifted musician and used Dobbard's two-track tape recorder to overdub bass, guitar and sometimes piano on many recordings. You can hear his excellent guitar playing on Tiny Powell's 'My Time After Awhile' (covered soon after by Buddy Guy) and his own 'Johnny's House Party' which was the first and last charting release on the Music City label (see previous post for sound clip). The vocal shenanigans going on during 'Johnny's House Party' was provided by The Gaylarks.

The Gaylarks
Heartsman's most vivid recollections are of The Gaylarks. "It amazes me that they were as popular as they were. They were the no-singingest group I ever heard." - from CD notes
My favourite Gaylark's song  is 'Tell Me Darling.' They weren't great singers, but the rawness in the vocals give an added charm.

 Both volumes can be purchased here at a very reasonable price.



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