Monday, 3 January 2011

Music City - Vol 1

01 The Crescendos - My Heart's Desire
02 The Gaylarks - Mr. Rock And Roll
03 The Midnights - Cheating On Me
04 The Rovers - Ichi - Bon Tami Dachi
05 The Gaylarks - Romantic Memories
06 The Five Campbells - Morrine
07 The Fidels - Love Me Tender
08 Wanda Burt & The Crescendos - Scheming
09 The Rovers - Salute To Johnny Ace
10 The Honey Drops - Honey Drop
11 The Gaylarks - Doodle Doo
12 The Five Crystels - Path Of Broken Hearts
13 The Five Swans - Lip Tipa Tina
14 Mr. Undertaker - Here Lies My Love
15 The Midnights - Annie Pulled A Humbug
16 The Five Rovers - Down To The Sea
17 The Crescendos - I Don't Mind
18 The Holidays - Never Go To Mexico
19 The Gaylarks - My Greatest Sin
20 The Four Deuces - The Goose Is Gone
21 The Kliks - Elaine
22 The Honeydrops - Rockin' Satellite
23 Johnny Heartsman & The Gaylarks - Johnny's House Party (pts 1 & 2)

The recordings on the Music City label are incredible to say the least; from raw soulful ballads to wild surf rock outs, there is plenty to get your teeth into! Here is a taster by the Rovers. The song is a tribute to the untimely passing of R&B star Johnny Ace (age 25).

Johnny Ace
Tragedy Strikes R&B Field; Johnny Ace Dies in Russian Roulette Game HOUSTON, Jan. 1, 1955 - Rhythm and blues recording star Johnny Ace accidentally killed himself while playing Russian roulette at a holiday dance here on Saturday (25). The shooting occurred at a show featuring the popular singer and his band. Ace had gone backstage for a five-minute break and had been fooling around with a revolver with one bullet in the chamber. Ace, whose real name was John Alexander, was one of the brightest stars in the r&b field.... - more info here

The Rovers aka The Five Rovers

Excellent CD notes provided by Jim Dawson - here is the first paragraph:
Ray Dobbard's Music City label in Berkley, California, primarily recorded vocal groups. Since producer Bob Geddins in neighbouring Oakland had already tied up the Bay Area blues scene, it made sense for Dobbard, owner of the Music City Record Store at 1815 Alcatraz Avenue, to establish his own preserve in the local black music market. Besides, when Dobbard activated the label in early 1954, harmony groups were the best sellers. The Chords' "Sh-Boom" had just sneaked into the national Top 10, despite the group's definite Negro sound. The Dominoes, Ravens, Clovers, Spaniels, Moonglows and Charms were not only having huge hits on the R & B charts; their songs were also being recorded by top white acts like the Crewcuts and the Andrews Sisters on major labels. A small businessman who recorded vocal  groups and owned these songs could, with luck, get rich from both record sales and publishing royalties.........
I'll leave you with one more audio sample, this time from Johnny Heartsman & The Gaylarks. Sounds like a great party!

'Johnny's House Party' (pts 1 & 2)

Both volumes can be purchased here at a very reasonable price.



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