Monday, 21 February 2011

The Dandeliers & Others - 'Chop Chop Boom'

01 The Dandeliers - Shu-Wop
02 The Dandeliers - Loving Partner
03 The Dandeliers - Chop Chop boom
04 The Dandeliers - My Autumn Love
05 The Dandeliers - Little Man
06 The Dandeliers - May God Be With You
07 The Dandeliers - She's Mine
08 The Dandeliers - My Love
09 The Hornets - Lonesome Baby
10 The Hornets - You Played The Game
11 The Hornets - Ridin' And Rockin'
12 The Hornets - I Can't Believe
13 The Hornets - Big City Bound
14 The Strollers - In Your Dreams
15 The Strollers - Go Where My Baby Lives
16 The Strollers - Bitter Dreams
17 The Drakes - Mellow Dady
18 The Drakes - Just A Dream
19 The Palms - Girl Of Mine
20 The Palms - I Knew I Had A Chance
21 The Palms - Dianne
22 The Five Chances - Sugar Lips
23 The Five Chances - Bashful Boy
24 The Five Chances - Gloria

The Dandeliers - Chop Chop Boom

A subsidiary to United Records (Leonard Allen), States (Lew Simpkins) concentrated on rhythm and blues, jazz, and gospel, but also released some fine vocal groups.

The Dandeliers had only been singing for a few months before they were "discovered" by United Records. "We had been up there to United several times and had auditioned for them," said Dixon (1st tenor), "but each time we had been turned down. And it was just this one day when we were in Washington Park, messing about with chords and stuff that Smitty (Lew Simpkins) came by and saw us."

The vocal group releases didn't sell well outside Chicago, making them highly sought by collectors. The Hornets only release 'I Can't Believe' b/w 'Lonesome Baby' was, according to the CD notes, sold for the humongous sum of $18,000 in the 1980s, although this could have been for 2 copies. A bargain at $9,000 a pop then!

The Five Chances recorded for Blue Lake and Chance labels prior to States, then went on to record for Federal. Never having much luck with any label.

The Palms never made much of an impression either, not for lack of talent. The song 'Girl Of Mine' was sold by United to Mercury, and the Diamonds recorded it.

Nothing is known about the Strollers or the Drakes.

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