Wednesday, 12 January 2011

"The Sharps"

'Our Love Is Here To Stay' & 'Lock My Heart' ('57)
plus a few more!

The Sharps do a powerful version of this Gershwin song (released on the Lamp label). The song is also a popular jazz standard but this is by far the best version I have heard; utterly sublime and just keeps on getting better with each listen.

The history of The Sharps is a bit complicated. From what I can gather they started out as The Lamplighters and ended up as The Rivingtons, with Thurston Harris going solo along the way; they sang backing on Thurston Harris' song 'Little Bitty Pretty One'. Another Sharps track (I think the same group) is 'Love Me My Darling' - a wonderful woozy ballad with a great speaking part mid-way. They also recorded the song 'Have Love Will Travel' with Duane Eddy laying down his trademark rhythm guitar - the song being inspired by the TV western series "Have Gun Will Travel."

Flip over to the rockin' side. Don't miss it!!

Hear 'Lock My Heart'



  1. Hi Woo Dops, Your email's on my list. Thanks also for the link to Soul Boy's blog - at one point my own back started protesting, but I love watching those Northern Soul dancers. Check this one out if you have any interest (it looks blacked out for a few seconds until it kicks in):

    I also listened to the Sharps. Is this the same group that did Stormy Weather as the Five Sharps?
    Both sides are good, but I'm partial to Our Love Is Here to Stay. Thanks again, Marie

  2. I grew up very close to Alfreton, 15 minutes away! Some incredible dancing going on there. It's like a an olympic event! Thanks for the link...

    Not sure about the Five Sharps, will check and let you know.