Friday, 10 December 2010

D.C. Doo Wops - Vol 1

01 The Jones Boys - Alone In The Night
02 The Jones Boys - Alone In The Night (alt)
03 The Capitals (aka The Truetones) - Honey Honey
04 The Earls - Love Tears
05 The Earls - Love Tears (alt)
06 The Heartbreakers - She's Gone
07 The Clefs - Sorry
08 The Rainbows - Can't You See I Love You So
09 The Ontarios - I Really Had A Ball
10 The Warbles (aka The Griffins) - Scheming
11 The Parakeets - My Love Is True (accap)
12 The Ontarios - It's Wrong
13 The Parakeets - Don't Leave My Broken Heart
14 The Warblers - Is This The Real Thing
15 The Original Chords - In The Woods
16 The Chords - Daddy Loves Mommy
17 The Ontarios - Love Me Baby
18 The Ontarios - Love Me Baby (alt)
19 The Chords - Refridgerater Daddy
20 The Heartbreakers - I Swear By All The Stars Above
21 The Heartbreakers - I Swear By All The Stars Above (alt)
22 The Heartbreakers - We're Gonna Have Some Fun
23 The Heartbreakers - Is This The Real Thing
24 The Heartbreakers - Ain't Nothin' Shakin'
25 The Heartbreakers - Cry Wind Cry
26 The Octaves - I'll Never Fool My Heart
27 The Arrows - I Just Lost My Sweetheart

Wonderful early 50's Doo Wops from the Washington/Maryland area.

The alternate take of 'alone in the night' by the Jones Boys is electrifying!


There are some errors on the track listing; there are 27 tracks, not 26 as stated on the CD, and some song titles / artists are incorrect. These errors are kindly mentioned in the notes of volume 2, and I've correctly tagged the files accordingly.

Volume 2 even better!

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  2. You're right, that "Alone In The Night" is a killer. Thanks!

  3. Hi Eva,
    Glad someone else thinks so! Happy Xmas to you.

  4. Another vote that "Alone in the Night" alt take is simply a stunner.

    Thanks from TWDM

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